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About The Challenge

Hello!  I’m including all the information about the challenge here for you to review and see if it is a good fit for your group!

You can find more info about the FREE five-day challenge that starts Monday (3/4) by clicking here.

resources for your review

Here are some of the resources provided during the challenge for you to review and see if they might be of benefit to your group (please do not share these, but you are welcome to download and use for your own personal use):

My perfect listing description that sells (swipe copy)

Step by step guide to setting up your Etsy shop from scratch: so you get cha chings

resources for posting

If you think it would benefit your group, please feel free to use these resources for posting.

If you prefer, I can post it…just let me know!

Below is a graphic you can include along with your post, if you’d like to (you can download it here).

how to start a successful vintage business on etsy or fix the one you have free five day challenge how to sell vintage on etsy

To make it easy for you, I’ve prepared a blurb for you to copy and paste, you can access that here!  This is just to help…please, of course, feel free to edit or post in your own words as you see fit.