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How To Use The Canva “Background Remover” Tool For Etsy Vintage Sellers

designing on canva for etsy vintage sellers

Hey Etsy vintage seller, it’s nice to see you & welcome!

It’s no secret that I love Canva…but I typically only talk about the free features on Canva (there are many).  Today I’m crossing my own lines to tell you about a new feature they have for paid users subscribed to Canva Pro, in case you already do subscribe to Canva or are considering it.  It’s called “Background Remover” and it does exactly what it sounds like…it removes the background from your photo.

Now I know this isn’t an unheard of feature, but the “wow” factor is that it removes it…with just a click.  Unlike other programs or apps that I know of, you don’t even have to select your subject.

I’ll just go ahead and show you…

Here’s one of my product photos before using the Canva “Background Remover”:

And here it is after using the Canva “Background Remover”:

Want to know exactly how to accomplish this look in a matter of seconds (ok, minutes if you count the logging in, uploading a photo and all that…but once you get there…literally seconds ;))?

Here are the steps once you are signed into your paid account in Canva:

  1. Upload the photo of your choice and place it into any Canva canvas (make sure it’s not filling up the whole frame if you want to add a background) and then select your photo and click on “Effects”
  2. Click on “Background Remover” and wait a few moments- voila…the background will magically disappear!

Once you have the photo with the background removed, you can add any background you choose + add more text or whatever other elements you desire…

A couple things to note…

I have used photo editing software to achieve the same no background look, but there is quite a bit more that goes into it than a simple click. My go to is Gimp, which is essentially a free alternative to Photoshop.  Gimp is an awesome tool for photo editing with a pretty big learning curve…and therein lies the problem.  Photoshop is a bit more user friendly but quite expensive.

Additionally, I’ve noticed the Background Remover function in Canva is not perfect…but still my mind is blown! It works best without props & a little contrast between the item and the background.

Some applications you might use the Background Remover tool for:

  • Your vintage product photos
  • Your Etsy banner
  • Giveaway photos for social media + email promotions
  • Any time you want a white background
  • The skies the limit, really!

I put this design together in a matter of minutes by removing the background on two of my product photos, adding a background as well as a couple graphics & text.

You can easily make similar designs of your own to use on social media or really anywhere.

Have you found any editing software or app that accomplishes the same in an easy click?  Comment below and let us know!  And if you are looking for more help with your brand and vintage business on Etsy (even if you are starting at the very beginning), make sure to sign up here to make sure you are notified when Vintagepreneur University Masterclass is open for enrollment!

Happy designing,

-Traci 🙂


  1. Paula Cannon says:

    Hi Traci
    Does this work with the Canva app?

    1. Traci Hugelmaier says:

      Hi Paula…As far as I’ve been able to tell, no it’s not a feature available on the app. Hopefully they will add it soon.

  2. Eva L says:

    Wow, the Canva app looks awesome. How much does it cost for the paid subscription?

    1. Traci Hugelmaier says:

      Hi Eva! The paid subscription is currently $9.95/month and totally worth it, in my opinion :)…you can find more info on pricing here:

  3. Eva Laxer says:

    Hello Traci,
    I signed up for Canva, but I have not bee able to figure it out how to use it. I’ll give it a try for the first 30 days free and if I have not figured it out by than I’ll probably cancel it. I wish they had a better step by step instruction with an exercise file, something like has. I’m able to access with my library membership for free, but on the free site they only have two tutorial on Canva and both of them are intermediate tutorials.

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