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If you have a few minutes a day, you can totally rock this step by step go at your own pace challenge!  You’ll get a short video and a quick mission each day.

In just five days you will have optimized your shop to stand out and get noticed…and no longer fear the dreaded Etsy SEO changes!  Get started today!

One of the biggest fears vintage Etsy shop owners have in common is SEO!  It totally sounds scary, I get it!  There are so many people giving bad advice, and all the changes seem confusing and overwhelming!

I totally get it, because I’ve been there myself.  My name is Traci Hugelmaier and I’ve had my vintage shop on Etsy, Rustic Eye, since 2013!

I used to hang out in the forums practically begging for someone to please just review my shop or tell me if I’m doing it right! 

Are my titles too long, are my tags any good?  Please don’t look at my photos, I know they need help! <<<totally me back in the day!

Don’t get me wrong…there really are so many well-meaning people who try to help.  But…getting bits and pieces here and there…even if those little pieces are good advice {which isn’t always the case, unfortunately}, leave you with just that…bits and pieces.

Imagine trying to learn how to build an airplane, without understanding anything about aerodynamics.  It’s kind of like that.

I have good news though…it’s really NOT scary at all.  You just have to understand the big picture when it comes to SEO, its aerodynamics…if you will.  Even better…it’s easier than you think.

I finally “get it” and you can too!  I have a really simple step by step way to look at it {with a killer cheat sheet to help, by the way}…that anyone can understand!

Once you truly understand the big picture, the things that freak out most sellers, won’t seem so terrifying to you anymore and instead, you can focus on standing out + growing your business!  Cha-Ching!


I hate cha chings, said no Etsy vintage seller ever- SEO challenge


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“I thought it was very good and worth watching. She has a bit of a different take and I learned a lot.”

— Kathleen

“Thanks for your help, this program is super helpful and it’s so awesome that you’re helping other shops succeed!”

— Taylor