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My 3 best tips for getting your Etsy vintage shop ready for the holidays!

christmas holiday tips for etsy vintage sellers

This will be my 6th Holiday season on Etsy and I’m feeling really good about my game plan going in…holla! ūüôā

But it hasn’t always been that way…I’ve learned my lessons from each and every Holiday season.

Are YOU ready?¬† It’s a roller coaster of a ride but OH SO WORTH IT!

The Holiday season, late September through the end of the year, is packed full of money earning potential!

I know how overwhelming it can feel, however, and I’m here to help you prioritize, organize and own this Holiday season like a boss!

Translation: help you get those sales!  Cha Ching!

Today I’m sharing my 3 best tips for getting your Etsy vintage shop ready for the holidays…so you can rock it!


This one is obvious, but we know that it takes some time for all the¬†creepy crawly algorithms (we will call them that since it seems fitting for one of the holidays lol)¬†to find our listings…just¬†how much time is speculation.¬† Make sure you don’t miss the window by starting NOW!

List and optimize ASAP so you have the best chance of being found and selling your amazing products.

Don’t, however, sacrifice quality for quantity.¬† It may be tempting, but if you list a bunch of items haphazardly it may just end up wasting your time and hurting rather than helping you.

If you have a lot of items that nobody clicks on, favorites or purchases…you can probably guess how Etsy will view your shop and, yep, how that can hurt you in the long run.

Remember to…

Use good, relevant keywords.

Source products your people want.

Keep your photos amazing and your customer service even better…always!

Oh, and don’t forget those supplies.¬† Now is the time to buy in bulk and stock up on your shipping supplies, order free boxes from USPS, etc.¬† You don’t want to find yourself with a ton of orders (yay) and¬†in a frenzy to get them all out (boo).¬† TRUST ME, it sucks…stock up!


If you haven’t already raised your prices based on the recent Etsy fee increases, and maybe even if you did, now is the perfect time to review your current profits and see if a price increase is needed.

Not only will you set yourself up to make more money this Holiday season if your profits are in check, you will also be in an ideal position to offer discounts for your promotions!  Win-Win!

“I can’t afford to put my items on sale” is not the right approach to a business.

Are you making enough profit to make all this hard work worth it?  Only you can really answer that question, but you should aim to have as high of a profit margin as possible.  Your talents and expertise and time are WORTH it, I promise you!

How are your prices compared to your competition?  If you are on the lower end or even somewhere in the middle, strongly consider raising your prices.

Psychologically speaking…higher prices = higher quality.

Don’t forget that your photos need to stand out and be amazing¬†so you get the clicks of those shoppers looking for high quality shops they can trust!

You can use a profit calculator tool designed specifically for Etsy to help you figure out what to consider when determining your profit margin.¬† Hint: don’t forget to take into account the three different fees Etsy charges; the listing fee, the payment processing fee and the transaction fee.


There are so many holidays and “retail¬†events” in the next 4 months,¬†that you might get a little overwhelmed!¬† Here’s my final¬†tip- focus in on two and promote the heck out of those!

Etsy has put together a gold mine of a reference for us that lists the key shopping dates as well as important things to keep in mind for each.  You can find the whole list by going to your Shop Manager > Marketing > Key Shopping Dates.

This is what it looks like for each key shopping date:

Take a moment to review all the key shopping dates, then consider the following:

  • What one or two categories do your products fit best (i.e. decor, gifts, stocking stuffers, etc)?
  • Looking at your last year’s stats, and assuming you are still selling roughly the same type of items, where were YOUR peaks and what key shopping dates to they align with?

Next, pick two¬†holidays and/or events between now and the end of the year (i.e. Black Friday and Christmas) and focus on those MOST.¬† That’s not to say you can’t list other items outside of those categories…you definitely¬†can…you just may not be listing as much or promoting them outside of Etsy.

Pro Tip: you should highly consider Black Friday/ Cyber Monday as one of your focuses as they are usually considered the busiest shopping days of the year…if it makes sense for your shop.

Finally, run targeted promotions.¬† I’m not talking about Etsy or Google promoted listings you pay for, though those can be part of your strategy in other ways.

I’m talking about an actual planned promotion that should have a lead up “the tease”, a launch, and a deadline.¬† Promote the heck out of both of your promotions to your followers on business social media accounts, your email list and anywhere else your people hang out.

Your promotion can be anything from free shipping, to a gift with purchase, to a discount…or even a giveaway showcasing your seasonal items designed to¬†attract new followers and gain exposure.¬† Choose a different strategy for each promotion to mix it up and keep things interesting.


  • Focus #1: Black Friday – promotion: Black Friday sale with free shipping on orders over $50 and free gift to the first 5 people who purchase.
  • Focus #2: Christmas- promotion: Giveaway showcasing your best Christmas gift ideas with a gift card to your shop as the prize.

By putting your focus on just two key shopping dates and planning accordingly- you can make a bigger impact then if you tried to do it all.¬† Unlike Target or Macy’s or even Magnolia, there is just one of you.¬† I know, I don’t have to tell YOU that haha.

So,¬†again,¬†aim¬†for quality over quantity…until you can hire your own sales & marketing staff of course ;)!

Now What?

You are ready to go forth and rock it for the holidays, my friend!

Are you new and want to go back even further to the basics or have you been around a while but want to fine tune?  Check out my FREE go at your own pace email course 5 Key Steps to Having a Profitable Vintage Shop on Etsy right here!

Post any questions you have in the comments, below, and I’ll be sure to answer them!

-Traci ūüôā

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  1. Liz Clough says:

    I have got my shipping boxes already stocked, as well as peanuts and bubble wrap. I also invested in two basic quality gift wrapping,a silver strip and gold strip paper. I have quality ribbons for wrapping as well. Gift boxes I made out on at a close out. I am offering free wrapping which so far has been a hit and increased sales over last year with higher prices per sale as well. Not offering free shipping has not been an issue with the quality presentation of items.

    1. xtraci says:

      Liz that’s GREAT advice…I especially love how you go above and beyond with the wrapping and the special touches. Thank you so much for taking the time to share <3

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