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How to have an organized office selling vintage on etsy

how to have an organized office selling vintage on etsy- photo by Eduard Militaru

Are you struggling with how to have an organized office selling vintage on Etsy?

You may not realize it, but you are actually in the perfect unique position of being able to have an amazing space with a low budget price tag!

When you have a dedicated & organized space for your business that makes you happy, you will be set up to provide excellent customer service.

Not only will you avoid the “oh no where did I put that thing” panic attack when you get a cha-ching and be able to get your packages out timely, but you will also be able to be your best self for your customers and provide the best service possible!

Whether you are a veteran seller looking to get your organizing butt in gear <<totally me sometimes.  Or if you are new to Etsy and wondering how you are going to manage your inventory, read on for some very helpful tips from some seasoned Etsy vintage sellers!

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{TIP ONE} use your thrifting eye to your advantage

Most vintage sellers love being out thrifting or rummaging through garage sales.  While you are out hunting for the perfect inventory for your shop, use your unique position to find things that would be great to organize your office.

Some things to be on the lookout for are mason jars, things with drawers, vintage files, and even vintage desks.  Think small vintage wood bowls to hold office supplies like paper clips or rubber bands…the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Add to the “vibe” by using vintage tools like rulers, staplers and pencil sharpeners.  They look great and usually work great too.  As we all know well…vintage was built to last!

This works wonderfully for inventory storage too.  Think bins, baskets, and shelves that can house your inventory for less than you could purchase in a store…and with much more style to boot!

If you sell clothes, a vintage mannequin is a must!

Depending on what you sell, you might just be able to shop your inventory for your own office right now!  I do this ALL THE TIME :).  Start with those things that you haven’t gotten around to listing yet and/or have been around forever!

Having an organized office doesn’t have to be expensive when you sell vintage for a living.  Use that unique skill you have right at your fingertips!

An added bonus of having an office or space that is made up of vintage is being able to show behind the scenes peeks that your following will adore!  They might also see how amazing something looks in your space and try to replicate it with your other products.

You can show snapped photos on Social Media like Instagram and Facebook.  Or do a quick video in an Insta-story.  These types of photos would also look great on Pinterest and draw more people to your Pinterest profile.

Here are some photos I shared with my own following a few months back of my vintage office space for Rustic Eye

An organized office of someone who sells vintage on Etsy using vintage elements

My entire office is filled with things I’ve thrifted and otherwise acquired.  I also use many of the things I end up selling…vintage is already used so no need to keep them untouched on a shelf.  Have fun with it and you will be well on your way to having an organized office selling vintage on Etsy!

{TIP TWO} have a numbering system

Etsy allows you to add a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) to your listings and all variations within your listings.  As the seller, you assign a SKU made up of numbers and/or letters to anything you choose that you list.

The customers will not see the SKU, so they are strictly for your internal use.  They can also come in handy when you are having someone else help fulfill your orders :)!

SKUs are the perfect way to organize your inventory.  They can correlate with locations in your spaces.  For example, if you have a garage with six total shelves (5 shelves high each), your numbering system might look like this:

etsy sku system for vintage sellers

If you have inventory in an additional area like a closet, you can start your SKUs there with a “C” and then repeat the rest of the system as it makes sense.

Pro Tip: Display a map and key of how your SKUs work in your office so you can continue to duplicate it and so someone else can pull sales from your inventory if need be and as you grow.

Once you have your SKU system figured out, label all your shelves, bins, boxes and individual items with their appropriate numbers/letters.

Using a SKU system is one of the best ways to have an organized office selling vintage on Etsy.

When you sell an item you will see the SKU on the order page, making it a breeze to find the items on their way to new homes!

No more “oh crud, where did I put that Pyrex dish” panic.

{tip THREE} have a dedicated space

You do not want to compete with dinner for use of the dining room table or guests for the use of the spare room.

Carve out a space that is dedicated to your business and inspiration will ensue!

Jen of Morning Glorious & Mister Bibs on Etsy has added on some beautiful spaces to her home that are completely dedicated to her growing businesses.  She and her husband Vince who heads up Mister Bibs, converted their 3 car garage into a studio fit for royalty (or a royal business ;))!

They have everything from a warehouse room for sorting and storing clothes waiting to be photographed and/or listed, to a storage room, to an office complete with a photography studio.

Jen told me “the best thing we ever did for the business was renovating the building and to have a large dedicated space for our Etsy work.”

Check out just a couple of her amazingly organized spaces…

Hanging clothing racks in a dedicated space to store vintage clothing

Metal coated shelving to store folded vintage sweaters

If renovations aren’t in your business’s cards, consider some dedicated spaces on a smaller scale.  Even if it’s taking off the door to a closet and building shelves and a desk nestled within.

{tip FOUR} have a process for taking product photos

You may not be able to have one spot in your home to take photos, because your best spot might be right in the middle of your living room.

But if you have a process it will make shooting photos easier no matter where you are heading to in your home.

Store everything in one place for an easy grab and go approach.  Use a basket or tote to stash and carry props and any backgrounds materials you use.

If you are lucky you might have a space that gets plenty of natural light and it is dedicated to product photography.  Since my dedicated spaces are in the garage and basement with little to no natural light, I move around to other places in my home when it comes to taking photos.

Another great option is to use studio lights.

studio lights for taking vintage product photos for Etsy sellers

Above, you can see a simple way Andrea at Upcycled Works incorporates studio lights against a white background perfect for photographing her upcycled jewelry made from vintage and antique elements.

Read on for more glimpses of her gorgeous studio spaces to get inspiration for your own organized office selling vintage on Etsy!

{tip FIVE} sprinkle some motivation in your workspace

If you are serious about making your business successful, you will need to power through the days you feel like you are failing or can’t get anything done.  It happens to us all!

One way to do that is to sprinkle some motivation directly into your workspace.  Create your vision all around you, and let your vision carry you through.

I love the way Andrea at Upcycled Works incorporates motivation in her space so beautifully.

Vintage props, products and inspiration in Etsy vintage Seller’s workspace

Her office space in Pine Valley, California serves as a place to organize her inventory and her photography props, but also to provide inspiration in her day to day work.

This is how to have an organized office selling vintage on Etsy

She sells one of a kind, as is typical for most vintage sellers, so having a space that is organized is crucial!  Andrea’s expert advice: “labels are your friend, as well as clear plastic bins & tubs to keep yourself organized.  Also, create a place that brings you joy so you are inspired to create!”

Sprinkling even a little bit of motivation in your space will go a long way.  Anything that speaks to you is what you should aim for.  From a pretty print on the wall to your business name in unique typography.  You could also use your brand colors as the anchor to your theme.

what’s next?

I hope these tips have given you ideas that you can use to organize your own office space you use for selling vintage on Etsy!

Now that you are getting organized, it’s the perfect time to learn more ways to make your business awesome in my FREE training 5 Key Steps to Having a Profitable Vintage Shop on Etsy (click here to get the training)!

If you have any questions on these tips on how to have an organized office selling vintage on etsy, comment below and I’ll be sure to answer them!

-Traci 🙂


How to have an organized office selling vintage on Etsy



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